BACK TO SCHOOL: Off to a Good Start

Shy...fearful...excited...apprehensive. From kindergarten to college "back to school" is filled with emotion. Whether moving to the next grade or the next school, children need parent support.

What if you were required to change jobs every year? Just when you began to feel capable in your work, you would get a new boss, a new office, new co-workers, new responsibilities. THAT'S what it feels like to go back to school. Acknowledge the jumble of emotions your child may be experiencing and reassure him/her.

Cool clothes, the right backpack, lunch box, notebook and calculator. The average American household spends nearly $500 preparing their offspring for the fall migration back to school. The most valuable gift you as a parent can give your school-bound children, however, doesn't cost a cent ~ your enthusiastic partnership in their education. Research studies have shown time and again that excellence in student achievement is closely linked to active parent participation.

Parents Make a Difference!
Children of involved parents have better grades, better attitudes and better behavior.
  • Develop a relationship with your child's teacher. Volunteer in the classroom; go on field trips. Don't miss Back to School Night or teacher conferences
  • Instill a love of reading. Have good books available for your children at every age
  • Limit TV and video games
  • Spend time helping your child with their homework, playing a game, going on a walk
  • Know your child. If you suspect a learning disability, take advantage of the vast resources available. Your school-age child has a right to an evaluation and accommodations to give him/her the best education possible
  • Be available. Talk frankly with your children about values you want for them
You are the first and most important teacher your child will ever have. Don't underestimate the value of your contribution!