Price Reduced on this Black Forest Colorado Springs Horse Property

$419,000, 4Bd/4Ba Single Family House, 4882 sqft.

Kathy Stenberg | Springs LifeStyles Real Estate | |
18485 Table Rock Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908
Black Forest Colorado Springs Horse Property with Large Home and Acreage
4Bd/4Ba Single Family House
Year Built 1999
Sq Footage 4882 sqft.
Bedrooms 4 Beds
Bathrooms 4 Baths
Parking 2 Garage
Lot Size 6.89 Acres
Website www.kathystenberg...


Large family home on 6.89 acres zoned for horses. Attached green house, detached oversized 2 car garage,30x50 pole barn with stalls, 4 bedroom, 3 and 3/4 baths. 3 fenced pastures, 1 fenced dog run, 360 views, seasonal creek.
** The 14.35 acre lot next door is for sale. Permitted well, septic and electric are on the property.
Colorado Springs
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Unit Features

- Living room- Dining room- Family room
- Storage space- Office- Basement
- Yard- Fenced yard- Greenhouse
- Wet bar


Contact info:
Kathy Stenberg
Springs LifeStyles Real Estate
For sale by Agent/Broker

Posted: Jul 10, 2015, 1:44pm EDT

Price Reduced to $369,000 on Colorado Springs Home For Sale

$369,000, 5Bd/3.5Ba Single Family House, 3292 sqft.

Kathy Stenberg | Springs LifeStyles Real Estate | |
830 Wheatglen Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
The Reserve at Broadmoor Glen
5Bd/3.5Ba Single Family House
Year Built 1997
Sq Footage 3292 sqft.
Bedrooms 5 Beds
Bathrooms 3.5 Baths
Parking 3 Garage
Lot Size 0.39 Acres
HOA/Maint $16
Virtual Tour tours.virtuance.c...
Website www.kathystenberg...


Cul-de-sac living. 3 car garage, front porch with partial wrap around. A short walk to The Reserve Club community pool and Pinon Valley Elementary School. 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with living room/dining room combo and great room on main level. Hardwood floors and tile floors throughout. Stainless steel appliances. Finished walk out basement with large recreation area, carpet, 3/4 bath and bedroom.
Colorado Springs
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Unit Features

- Living room- Dining room- Master bath
- Family room- Storage space- Breakfast nook
- Range / Oven- Refrigerator- Dishwasher
- Microwave- Yard- Lawn
- Porch- Sprinkler system- Heat: forced air
- Ceiling fans- Hardwood floor- Tile floor
- Fireplace- High / Vaulted ceiling


Contact info:
Kathy Stenberg
Springs LifeStyles Real Estate
For sale by Agent/Broker

Posted: Jun 12, 2015, 11:57am EDT

Stain Removal Tips & Tricks

Stain Removal Tips That Are Spot On

There are some stubborn stains that even the most advanced washing machines and deep-cleaning detergents can’t tackle. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to make those “stains, stains go away." Here’s how:
home mattersPhoto by: iStock

Helpful Hints To Keep In Mind Before You Start:
  • Have patience. Removing stains may take a little extra time, muscle and effort.

  • Fresh stains are easier to remove than old ones.

  • Read care labels to see if the item is dry-clean only. Not exactly sure what those symbols mean on care labels? Be sure to check out our Simple Guide to Fabric Care Symbols.

  • Always test for colorfastness.

  • Always launder washable items after treating to remove residues of the stain and stain remover.

  • Use cleaning products according to manufacturer’s labels and NEVER mix stain removal products, such as ammonia and chlorine bleach, because they produce hazardous fumes.

  • Regardless of the stain, make sure the spot is gone before you place the garment in the dryer. Otherwise, you may set it.

For Fresh Blueberry Stains:

  1. Remove as much as possible with a dull knife or spoon. If you can’t treat the stain immediately, sprinkle it with salt.

  2. Rinse well with cold water.

  3. Rub liquid laundry detergent into the stain.

  4. Let stand several minutes, then rinse the back of the stain well in hot water.

  5. If the stain remains, stretch the stained fabric stain-side down and run under water that’s as hot as possible.

  6. If the stain still hasn’t disappeared, apply a laundry spot stain remover and wash with liquid enzyme detergent.

  7. Stain still there? Sponge it with equal parts white vinegar and water. Rinse well and let air dry (ideally in sunlight). Repeat as needed until no more stain can be removed.

  8. Apply laundry presoak and re-launder with enzyme detergent.

  9. If the stain is still not gone, work in enzyme detergent and soak the garment in water up to 1 hour or until the stain is removed. Rinse well and launder.

For Dried Stains:
  1. Make a paste of borax and water (at a ratio of about 3 to 1) and spread onto the stain.

  2. Let stand 15 minutes, then rinse. If borax is not available, rub glycerin into the stain and let stand for 1 hour. Rinse.

  3. See steps 3 through 9 for fresh blueberry stains.

Butter Stains:
  1. Use the back of a knife or spoon to scrape off any butter on the fabric surface.
  2. Treat with undiluted dishwashing liquid (check to be sure it doesn’t contain bleach), rinse and dry.
  3. 3. If the stain is old, spray on a small amount of WD-40 to regenerate the grease, then work in undiluted dishwashing liquid as above and wash in the hottest water possible.

If that doesn’t work … 

  1. Apply a laundry spot stain remover and let stand for several minutes.
  2. Rub liquid enzyme detergent into the stain and let stand a few minutes.
  3. Launder in the hottest water safe for the fabric.

Baby Food Stains: 
(Fruits, veggies, jams, juices and berries):

  1. Gently scrape off any excess food from fabric.

  2. Run the fabric, inside out, under cold water to flush out as much as possible.

  3. Pre-treat with a solution that is one part vinegar and two parts water. Let sit for 10 minutes.

  4. Apply a combination solvent and wash in your regular cycle.

  5. Launder in the hottest water the fabric will tolerate, with either chlorine bleach or color safe bleach, depending on your fabric.

Tomato Sauce Stains: 

  1. Remove excess tomato sauce from the fabric.

  2. Run cold water through the back of the stain as quickly as possible.

  3. Rub a liquid detergent into the stained portion of the fabric. Working it in a circular motion from the outside of the stained area toward the center.

  4. If the garment is white, or colorfast, use a sponge to apply a mild bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar or lemon juice on white fabrics. Rinse well.

  5. Repeat with detergent followed by mild bleaching agent until the stain no longer appears.

  6. Apply a stain remover stick, gel or spray. Allow it to sit for at least 5 minutes.

  7. Wash normally with detergent.

  8. If it remains, rub detergent into the tomato stain. Next, soak in warm water for 30 minutes. Rinse well.

  9. If the tomato stain is still stubborn, apply stain remover stick, gel or spray and launder according to directions. Remember, some stains cannot be removed. But the tips and techniques above should help with many of the most common stains you’ll encounter. Source

Trendy Home Decorating Tips

Home Décor: 8 Ways to Turn Tired into Trendy

If you’re longing to give your home a fresh look, upcycling is the way to go. Turning something old into something new and useful can save you money and give you a beautiful look for less. Let these ideas transform your eyesore into a stunner.

With a little imagination, the possibilities for upcycling are endless. Next time you’re browsing through treasures at a garage sale, thrift store or estate sale, look at things in a fresh way. For example, a scuffed table may not excite you, but what if you painted it and cut the legs down? Ta-da! You’d have a new coffee table. If you turned an item upside down, what could you do with it? Could those vintage glass bottles be repurposed as a chandelier?

Some of the more popular upcycling materials are wooden pallets and reclaimed timber. Pallets are in demand right now and hard to come by. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get them for free at retail outlets, construction sites, hotels or on Craigslist. Pallets are easy to transport, cheap and versatile. For example, they can be repurposed as shelving, bases for furniture, picture frames, headboards and more. Reclaimed timber, the wood salvaged from old floorboards, doors, fences and more, is another favorite. Its natural beauty makes it an excellent choice for furniture and shelving, but it can also turn an entire wall into a beautiful work of art.

Simple ways to change everyday items into practical, attractive pieces: 

1. Transform a wooden ladder into a bookshelf by turning it on its side and filling it with your favorite books or accessories. A weathered ladder is a perfect fit for shabby-chic décor. Or paint it a bright color for a fun, contemporary look.

2. Need a nightstand? Save money by stacking vintage suitcases on top of each other. They don’t have to match. Buy a glass top to help protect the surface and add stability for heavier items like lamps.

3. Change an old door into a vintage-looking headboard. Or, add legs to the door and use it as a workbench or a potting bench. 

4. Turn old shutters into an office bulletin board to hold your folders and notes. Also, use it to display your photos.

5. Re-purpose an old dresser by painting it and adding a sink to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity.

6. Cut a hole in an old chair to display a potted plant in an unexpected way. 

7. Tin ceiling tiles are works of art! Use them to create amazing headboards, as trim on a kitchen island, as a frame for mirrors and more, more, more! 

8. Paint an old armoire and use it as a linen closet. Wallpaper or apply contact paper to the back panel to create a dramatic effect when the doors are open.

Before you start a project, think about how much time you’re willing to invest in completing it. Also, think about the kind of tools you’ll need to get the job done. If you have to buy saws, sanders, drills and special tools, your inexpensive project can quickly become pricey. Have fun, and when you’re finished, you’ll have something special to add to your décor. 

Make Cleaning FUN!

Good Spring-Clean Family Fun

Yes, I know it's SUMMER now, but I thought this was a GREAT article and worth sharing. Here’s how to make it more fun and family friendly.
home mattersPhoto by: Shutterstock

Getting Started
This is the most difficult part — especially if you’ve avoided a good, deep clean during the winter. To get things up and running, try establishing some attainable goals to reach throughout the process. This will help make the project less intimidating, and it breaks the workload up into easier to manage chunks. Also, be sure to designate some pre-established break times for the whole family to help prevent anyone from being overworked.

To help put a little more spring in everyone’s step, try using energetic background music. Everyone loves a chance to share their favorite tune, and music also helps to keep us in the zone. If you want to really spice things up, try hiding small toys or trinkets around the house before you get started. Your kids will have more fun if the cleaning process becomes more like a giant scavenger hunt. Here are some more fun ways to get the kids involved:

Skating Rink – Give your kids old socks to wear and then allow them to skate around the house picking up dust bunnies along the way. It’s great for dusting wood floors and for giving your kids a small, healthy workout.

Target Practice – Make a list of targets for your kids to spray and wipe with non-toxic cleaners. These can be windows, stainless steel appliances, or even countertops. Whoever sprays and cleans their targets the quickest wins.

Closet Runway – Have your kids go through their closets and clear them of old clothes that don’t fit anymore. To make it more fun, put on a fashion show and see who can come up with the craziest clothing combination before being tossed out. Take photos of the experience and share them with friends and family to make your kids stars.

Karaoke Mop - Turn on some familiar background music while mopping and start a lip-synching contest with you and your kids. Use the mop handle as a microphone and cheer each other on as your floors enjoy an energetic clean.

Food Hunt – Send your kids on a hunt through the pantry and refrigerator for expired food and drink items. You can help teach them how to read the labels and also how to dispose of each item properly. 

Once you and your kids are done with surface cleaning much of the house, it’s time for the adults to tackle some of the more difficult or potentially dangerous tasks. Here is a helpful checklist for deep cleaning major appliances and systems in and around your house.

Home for sale with Hot Tub in Eastern Colorado Springs 80922

$299,000, 4Bd/3.5Ba Single Family House, 2517 sqft.

Kathy Stenberg | Springs LifeStyles Real Estate | |
4366 Round Hill Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80922
2003 BEAUTIFUL home with GREAT views
4Bd/3.5Ba Single Family House
Year Built 2003
Sq Footage 2517 sqft.
Bedrooms 4 Beds
Bathrooms 3.5 Baths
Parking 3 Garage
Laundry In Unit
Lot Size 7509 Square Feet
HOA/Maint $15
Virtual Tour tours.virtuance.c...
Website www.kathystenberg...


Well maintained 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with 3 car garage. Views of golf course and mountain range. Granite counter tops, refrigerator, 42" cabinets with pull out drawers. Landscaped yard with hot tub and gazebo.
Colorado Springs
see additional photos below
Unit Features

- Living room- Walk-in closet- Master bath
- Family room- Storage space- Basement
- Range / Oven- Refrigerator- Dishwasher
- Microwave- Garbage disposal- Yard
- Lawn- Porch- Sprinkler system
- Heat: forced air- Central A/C- Air conditioning
- Ceiling fans- High-speed internet- Hardwood floor
- Fireplace- High / Vaulted ceiling- Hot tub / Spa


Contact info:
Kathy Stenberg
Springs LifeStyles Real Estate
For sale by Agent/Broker

Posted: Jul 10, 2015, 12:59pm EDT