Ways to Help Dad Relax This Fathers Day Weekend

Wondering how to make Father's Day special for Dad? Consider taking on some of the household jobs that dads often do - the most laborious ones. Round up the kids and start checking off these items on Dads to-do list:

1. Mow the Lawn - Make Dad's job easier by giving your lawn a mini-makeover. First, rake away leaves, sticks and any other debris that may get in the lawnmower's way. Then, trim away! When you're done, do Dad another favor by hosing off your mower and (if needed) changing the air filter and oil.

2. Clean out the Drain - Make a natural drain cleaner by putting 1 cup of baking soda followed by 3 cups of boiling water down your house hold drains. How does it work? The boiling water makes the baking soda's chemical composition more alkaline - perfect for tackling those heavy drain accumulations.

3. Simplify the Trash - Trash duty is no one's favorite chore. Make it easier by lining your trash can with multiple bags. This way, Dad won't need to replace the bag next time he takes out the rash. Another tip: if your trash bag springs a leak, don't wait to wipe off your trash can. Cleaning the liquid spill is much easier than scraping it off down the road.

4. Call in those Repairs - If Dad's been waiting for some free time to repair a broken appliance, window, fence, etc. treat him today by letting him off the hook and calling in a pro. Schedule the repairs and surprise dad.

5. Detail his Car - While Dad is kicking back and watching some sports, taking a nap, etc. Get his car detailed for him. Whether you take it to a local all inclusive car wash and have it washed and cleaned inside and out, or you get out a bucket, some water, soap, sponge and a vacuum and have the kids help you, treat him to a "new" car.

Happy Father's Day!

Thinking of Buying a New Home. Now is the Time - Here's Why...

Experts agree now is the time to make your move. Here’s why:
  • Prices will continue to rise.
  • Mortgage interest rates are projected to increase.
  • Either way you are paying a mortgage.
  • It’s time to move on with your life.
When buying a home, you need to concern yourself with the long-term cost of a home, not just the price tag of a home. This means you need to look deeper than the purchase price if you want to make a profitable decision.

If interest rates rise even slightly, as they are projected to by the end of the year, your purchasing power will take a hit. In other words, if you wait, you could be paying a whole lot more money for less home.

We’re coming to an end of a long stretch of favorable market conditions. The last few years have proven to be profitable for buyers and sellers alike. Like all good things, low rates and rapid home appreciation must come to an end. The experts seem to agree that 2015 will be the last stellar year before the market really starts to normalize.

I thought I should pass along this tip for those of you who have been on the fence about buying, or for those of you who plan on moving sometime down the road. I would hate for you to hesitate, and miss out on once-in-a-lifetime conditions as a result. 

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