No More ‘No Man’s Land’ Between Colorado Springs & Manitou Springs

Colorado Springs is growing and improving. Our region extends to Manitou Springs our ‘sister city’ nearby. These two communities complement one another, offering residents and visitors different options when it comes to work, play and everyday living. Being only a few miles away from the Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs has been growing alongside us. Yet there has long been an area between our two towns, a ‘No Man’s Land’, consisting of a stretch of nothing but the roadway surrounded by the countryside.
According to an article recently published by the Gazette, soon there will no longer be a ‘No Man’s Land’ between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. The approval process has begun for a big improvement projectcurrently underway to bring new vitality through better community access between Manitou and Colorado Avenues, known to locals as ‘No Man’s Land’. Earlier this month, the Pike’s Peak Rural Transportation Authoritysigned off on the contract for the construction project. The next step to occur will be the approval from El Paso County, Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. Once approved, this long anticipated project will be underway.
Assuming approvals come through, project work is estimated to begin this winter, and to be completed sometime in 2018. Highlights will include bike paths, landscaped sidewalks and modern lighting. For those already familiar with the Midland Trail bike route, you can also take heart; this new project will extend the trail through the entire corridor between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. With the addition of more pedestrian and cycle friendly features, enjoyment of the natural beauty which stretches between our two towns will be more accessible.
There are also plans to reroute a part of Fountain Creek, over which the Midland Trail runs. There
is asection prone to flooding with heavy rains. The rerouting of the creek is aimed to better handle larger amounts of water from storms. Drivers should note that the road shall be going from a 4-lane route to a 3-lane route, thereby providing the space needed for all these improvements.
These changes are expected to bring new life to this area between our communities. With new connections, we can expect new opportunities. When you are ready to buy, or sell your home, connecting with a local Realtor® who knows the community well can make a big difference in how happy you are with the process. We at Springs LifeStyles Real Estate are here to help you with all your real estate needs! Call Kathy Stenberg at (719) 963-4867, or you can email her at You can also visit us at our website for available listings and additional information.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Autumn Yard Care

Yard care takes on a new focus in autumn. Now is the time to prepare your property for the cold of winter. If you are planning to sell your home, good lawn and landscape maintenance will also go a long way towards enhancing your home’s curb appeal. I found a wonderful website, Plantalk Colorado, which provides a lot of detail on a wide range of landscaping care topics. Check out some suggestions below to get your yard and garden ready for the season.

While lawns don’t need to be watered as often now, if you have not aerated your yard in a while, it is something worth considering. Aeration, which results in holes poked into your lawn, will help your yard absorb more storm water, and protect it from becoming over-saturated. This loosening of your soil will also make it easier for nutrients to reach plant and grass roots.

You may be tempted to fully prune your trees and bushes, but that is better done during late winter
and early spring. Instead, focus on removing dead or broken branches and limbs only. If you have a vegetable garden, fall clean-up will help prevent insect or disease infiltration in the spring. Composting leaves not only provides fresh nutrients for your soil, many a home buyer appreciate properties with a compost bin already in place.

Landscaped areas and flower beds should be winterized as well. Weeding thoroughly will help keep insects away, while a layer of mulch will help insulate plants. Trim back any overgrown perennials and remove old flower blossoms and seed pods. Known as deadheading, this is not needed
to help your plants survive the winter cold, but leaving dead flowers around could keep your yard and garden from looking its best.

Lawn and garden care with winter in mind is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal, which can make a big difference in attracting potential buyers. When you are ready to sell your home, working with a Realtor who is passionate about what they can do for you, will make a big difference too. We at Springs LifeStyles Real Estate are here to help you with all your real estate needs! Call Kathy Stenberg at (719) 963-4867 or you can email her at You can also visit us at our website for available listings and additional information.

November Events in Colorado Springs

 November is always a month to remember. We honor our fallen heroes on Veterans Day and connect with family and friends for a feast to please at Thanksgiving. There are plenty of memories to be made this time of year around Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.  Check out the list below for some November happenings you and your family can enjoy.

November 11th- 13th brings us the 29th Annual Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival. Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Institute, the popular event features short films, documentaries, narratives and animation which present aspects of our world from women’s perspectives. Films will be screened throughout the weekend at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Get into the holiday spirit on Saturday, November 19th at the Holiday Expo. This expo is free, but
as a fundraiser, folks are asked to bring a new, packaged toy for Christmas Unlimited. Shop for holiday gifts from local businesses, meet Santa & Mrs. Claus, enjoy live music and even a fashion show.

During the long holiday weekend, continue your attitude of gratitude at the Thanksgiving Wildlife Wetland Walk. Take a stroll with a Fountain Creek Nature Center naturalist as you and the
family enjoy a scavenger hunt and some arts and crafts together. The walk is being held on Saturday, November 26th, and tickets are required as space is limited.

These are just a few of the vast number of exciting and fun events you can find in and around Colorado Springs. You may think with winter closing in there is not much to do here, but that is not so. There are also a variety of benefit events going on this month to help others in the community, while having some fun. I encourage you to check out more Colorado Springs events at Visit Colorado Springs.

I love Colorado Springs and am passionate about our community. When you are ready to sell, or buy your home, working with a Realtor who is passionate about what they can do for you, will make a big difference. We at Springs LifeStyles Real Estate are here to help you with all your real estate needs! Call Kathy Stenberg at (719) 963-4867 or you can email her at You can also visit us at our website for available listings and additional information.