Colorado Springs Rated 3rd Health-Conscious Metro in the U.S.

One overriding attraction to live in Colorado Springs is the wide variety of options and resources we have when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. With all of our outdoor recreation opportunities, alongside incredible local foods and high quality healthcare services, it’s easy to live life well here, and our residents agree; so much so that Colorado Springs was rated as the 3rd most health-conscious metro area in the United States in a recent survey completed by ValuePenguin, a personal finance organization.

Their latest survey focused on the best and the worst cities for healthy living across the nation. Key data was gathered on 17 categories such as availability of farmer’s markets, cost of food, exercise standards, and obesity rates. The survey included 98 metro areas, with 9 of the top 10 being in the West, and Colorado being home three top cities overall. Besides our number 3 rank, Denver came in 8th place, and Aurora at 19th. The number one city rating went to Portland, Oregon.

The survey was done to help provide a more in-depth look at where people have a greater support network in place to live a healthy lifestyle. When local government, area organizations, and nonprofits help promote healthier living, it’s easier for residents to make the choice to do so. From the survey results, the biggest scoring factors used in order of importance were: Per-capita access to active oriented amenities, access to quality, affordable foods, clean environmental factors, and the health habits of residents in each city.

Colorado Springs ranked 47th for active amenities, 13th for food, 6th for environmental, and 2nd for residential health habits, which is no surprise considering that the residents of Colorado Springs have enjoyed recreational activities and delicious farm fresh foods for a long time.

While our number 3 rating is a great thing, and no real surprise with all that our area has to offer, ValuePenguin did note there were some fluctuations in the data available for them to use, city to city. They site 7 different resources, and are upfront that their analysis should be used as a great starting point if you are looking for a healthy place to live. Ultimately, a look to the people and resources of a community can tell you if it’s a healthy place or not, and Colorado Springs is just such a place.

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